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off. so enjoy it if you can. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this monday morning. we'll say good morning once again to tucker barnes. you are not feeling too cool out there? >> i love this weather. this is great for me. >> it is great. >> temperatures in the 50s, 60s outside the beltway. one of the coolest mornings i'm going to guess in 90 days. >> are you going to guess? >> it is a holiday. i'm going to do the research in a minute or two. i'm going to go late back. i bet it is late may or early june since we've been in the 50s or 60s across the region. >> sounds good. >> you think so? >> yep. >> we'll talk about temperatures and lots of sunshine in the forecast today with highs a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday, upper 70s, low 80s for afternoon highs. today, we'll be about five degrees warmer than that. 60 at dulles international. bwi marshall, 58 degrees. and there are low 50s not too
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far away. even some upper 40s out in the mountains of west virginia. very comfortable conditions and you know, you actually get under the blankets for a change. there you go. lots of quiet conditions. high pressure will remain firmly rooted across the washington area today. it will start to push offshore late this afternoon. our winds will shift out of the south and that is why the thinking is we'll be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. if you have outdoor plans today, you're going to go horse back riding, or this kind ever t hing -- that kind of thing, it should be a nice day for it. a little cooler out to the west. >> sounds good. >> let's check in with lauren demarco and get a look at traffic. >> good morning, guys. i do wanted to mention that on metro, between fort totten and glenmont, the red line stayings are closed for maintenance. that will be in effect until tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. all day today, there is shuttle bus service. you are expected to add about 40 minutes onto your commute.
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give yourself extra sometime. out there on the roads, we do have an accident reported bail road at center ridge drive in oakton, virginia. shut down in all directions there. things look good on the beltway in montgomery county. no major problems to report as you head around on the outer loop from college park in towards silver spring. that is wide open here at new hampshire avenue. we do have an accident reported 355 southbound at grosvenor lane off to the side of the roadway. not causing too much of a problem n virginia, 66 looks good. 95 running well between fredericksburg and 395. keep in mind the hov restrictions are lifted today on all of our area highways except for route 50 the john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the big story, allegations of election fraud at prince george's county. bogus ballots circulating telling people who to vote for. >> the organization behind the ballot doesn't even exist. sarah simmons is live at a
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polling station in largo with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, candidates often hand out sample ballots before voting gets under way but there is one that is circulating out there that some of the candidates say is all wrong here. they say it is a fake ballot that is out there. angela also owebrook is a candidate for state's attorney in prince george's county. she says a fake ballot arrived at her parents house and it listed her as running for two offices. the ballot claims steant or onthony muse endorsed the candidates listed inside but once you flip over, it tells you to vote for his opponent instead. listen to what else she had to say about it. >> the worst part is this is an illegal document. it lists citizens to change. no such entity is registered with the state of maryland. >> it's felony, federal offense, violation of campaign law to have i committee that
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does not exist. >> now, muse is blaming three candidates listed on that fake ballot for this. he says that he saw the supporters handing out the ballots in oxon hill before early voting so that is why he thinks these candidates are behind it. we have tried contacting those candidates but so far, steve and gurvir, we are not heard back from them. back to you. early voting picks back up in the district this labor day. city officials opened up four new locations on saturday and they say more than 3300 voters showed up to cast ballots. those centers reopen today from 8:30 until 7:00. september14th is primary day in d.c. three people were hit in a drive-by shooting in fleeft washington. police say two teenagers and a young man were shot last night. it happened about 7:00 at 53rd and clay. one of the two teenaged girls is believed to be 16 years old or younger. she was seriously injure
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wimbledon bull tote the thigh. another injuries were not life- threatening. -- she was seriously injured with a bullet to the thigh. a warning for students at the university of maryland, watch your back. there was a third off-campus attack in just one week. a student was walking home at 2:00 in the morning saturday when four people attacked him. police are urging students and residents to keep their guards up. >> just always be aware. make sure you walk with machine else. >> i go jogging by myself but never out here or at night. usually go with friends. >> if i ever feel threatened or i feel that there is something, you would just try to call 911. >> on august 29th ache group of muggers approached three students waiting for a bus and robbed one of them. two days before that, a similar incident happened just down the street in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. president obama unveiling yet another move to fix the failing economy this week. president will visit milwaukee and cleveland. aides confirm the president will propose a permanent
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extension of a popular tax credit that is a break for business research done in the u.s. also under consideration by the obama white house is an extension of hiring incentives and a payroll tax holiday. >> my reaction is we always like to see a deathbed conversions. but the fact is if we would have done this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago, we would be in better shape. >> aides say mr. obama will ask congress to close corporate tax breaks for multinational corporations and oil and gas companies. flames shooting from a car with a driver still trapped inside that vehicle. coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, it was all caught on video and now three men are being called heroes. we'll check more headlines. also, tragedy at an air show as a pilot loses control during takeoff. details are next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. d 
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dash cam video shows three men saving a man from a burning car. within three minutes, three deputies arrived with flames growing more i.n.s. tense. they quickly realize the driver's side wouldn't open so she bust out a window on the passenger side and they pull this man out. he is expected to make a full recovery. one person is dead and at least 30 others are injured following a plane crash at a flight show . the pilot lost control during takeoff and crashed into a group of spectator. one month since the major mine collapse in northern chile and techs are increasing beth bow low and above ground. one trapped miner's wife has been keeping vigil along with the man's mistress. when the two realized they were playing for the same man, they this a squabble. the good news is for the first time, the trapped miners were able to communicate directly with their loved ones. relatives spoke with the miners at a video conference. another major milestone in
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the gulf oil clean-up as b perform pulled the failed blowout preventer out of the water this weekend. the equipment is a key piece of evidence in the spill because it is what allowed the rig to ?road spload. it is being sent to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis eastchester hurricane earl now no more than a memory. the storm's aftereffected are still lingering. two teenagers were swept out to sea in a kayak off the coast of cape cod. a good samaritan swam out to save them but local rescue crews wound up having to take action. both teens are okay. she is known as the black widow of eating contests. virginia's own sonya thomas. >> we haven't heard much from her lately but she is back now and in a big way. still ahead, how she devoured a record and then rubbed it in a bit. kind of like what tucker says. james wright we had high temperatures yesterday. and today, more of the same.
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it is 63 pleasant degrees outside on this monday morning. it is labor day. the so-called black widow of eating has taken down a champion. sonya thomas gob ltd up 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes to win the national buffalo wing festival in buffalo, of course. and she set a new record in the meantime. the former tightist joey chestnut came in second with 169 wings. sonya still hungry after her win so she ate 20 more hot wings on top of it all just to fill her belly. >> good for her. >> we tried that. we ate wings. >> we did. >> i ate five and she ate 45.
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>> she roundly beat you all. >> she has a special method. i just looked back in the record books. last time we were 63 degrees at reagan national, july 3rd. so it has been two months. >> wow! in july. >> last time we were 6 2-rbgs early june f we can drop one degree, we can say it was three months. >> and 53 out to the west. >> and even some 40s. wait until i show you the map. high temperatures, upper 70s and low 80s. -- last time we were 62, early june. if we can drop one degree, we can say it was three months. should be a fantastic looking afternoon. 63 now in washington. that is a very comfortable, very unjoyable start. lots of sunshine out there but look at all the 50s out there. -- very enjoyable started. 55 in fredericksburg. well out to the west, cumberland, 46 degrees. so you need some blankets if
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you are in the mountains. 51 for you in winchester. want some warmer temperatures, you have to head over to the bay, annapolis is 56 and in bald, we're at 60 degrees. looking at our satellite-radar. another beautiful day from the carolinas into new england. should be a fantastic afternoon. out to the west, we have a cold front but there is not much to it. not packing a whole lot of energy and just a little bit of cloud cover that. will get in here as we get into wednesday and bring is a little cloud cover and some cooler air for the end of the week. our friend trend for the next couple of days will be to increase temperatures. it won't be anything terribly oppressive with highs about 90 by wednesday. here is the latest tropical storm hermione. we now have tropical storm watches posted for southern regions of texas as it looks like it will make landfall in
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the next couple of days. just recently organized and just upgraded by the national hurricane center about 15 minutes ago. winds out of the south at five miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, if you love sunshine, you will love the next couple of days. highs near 90 by wednesday. cold front and back to where we should be. let's get to the on-time traffic and lauren demarco. people are out racing about ready to go out and play. >> maybe not quite yet but i'm sure they're preparing two it. if you are headed back from the beach, a good idea to get out there early, avoid some of those delays, everybody headed home from the eastern shore. so right now, route 50, let's take a live look out there. you are wide open at the toll plaza at sandy pointed eastbound. westbound, everybody looks great back from easton heading across the bay bridge bridge into annapolis. you want to leave before about 11:00 a.m. to avoid if i major problems or snags if you are headed back
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from the beach. in annapolis, bay ridge drive at georgetown road, we have of a structure fire and you are asked to avoid that area. here we are looking at the beltway in prince george's county. we do have a disabled vehicle reported on the inner loop 210 indian head highway but it is off on the shoulder. everybody smooth sailing across the woodrow wilson bridge. because of the holiday, your hov restrictions are lifted on most of our area roadways except for route 50 the john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. over to you. >> thank you. we do have a reminder about major changes on metro's red line on this labor day. the tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton an glenmont stations all closed on friday night at 10:00. they will remain closed throughout the day today not to reopen until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. metro will continue to offer
5:20 am
free shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. some people walk, others run to help raise awareness about cancer but one charlottesville, virginia man is taking flight. he is flying 33,000 miles across the country in memory of his mother in a trip he is calling 29 days until 29. >> reporter: drew lawrence is gearing up for a life changing journey, a cross-country trip to raise awareness for cancer and honor his late mother, kathleen. >> i've always been involved with the american cancer society, a relay for life and thought this would be a great opportunity to do something special in her memory. railroad he leaves on tuesday on a jetblue all can you jet unlimited travel pass on a trip he is calling 29 days until 29. it is because he will be on the road for 29 days and will turn 29 on october 6th, the last day of the pass promotion. >> it is an awareness campaign i just want to go out and talk to people because even people of a never met before, i share a common connection with and
5:21 am
that is a connection to cancer. this is a negative connection. >> reporter: the goal is to help change the nexttive connections of cancer into something positive. he is using social media outlets and his own web site to spread the word and help raise money for a cure. >> i really want to bring everyone together as a community and one team. >> reporter: there are lanza long the way to meet -- there are plans along the way to meet one people to hear their stories. >> it is in memory of kathleen lawrence who died of breast cancer in 2001. kathleen ways people person would worked in the reagan administering and held several other high-profile government jobs. lawrence says her spirits lives on in his efforts to bring people from all walked of life together to find fight a deadly disease in just 29 days. >> cancer has taken with a too many family members of mine, of probably of yours and of everyone i run into. and so if we can share those persons and learn from them and come together as a team, then
5:22 am
positive things are going to result. >> reporter: maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> lawrence is documenting his trip on his web site and on facebook and twitter. we have a living on our web site, a big honor for mother teresa here in the united states. we'll have that coming up for you on fox 5. some time-honored treasures becoming cash amounts of the economy. we'll take a look at the troubles museums are facing and how they plan to deal with it. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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she left her stamp on the world and now there is a stamp to honor mother teresa. the u.s. postal service issued a stamp at the special tribute. mother teresa received a nobel peace prize for her work with sick and poor orphans and adults in india. >> people like mother teresa are memorialized in museum as all over the world. >> small museums that tell rich stories of american history are being forgotten. knocks' mike tobin takes a look at what is being lawsuit. >> reporter: the incarnation of american kitsch may be disappearing like the cull they are they display. it is no smithsonian or guggenheim but if you are driving the kids down the rooted you might just stop when you saw the billboard.
5:26 am
>> here we have wooden shoe making, cheese making, demonstrations and performances, dutch folk dancing, the dance lessons. >> reporter: even k ti. sch is take a hit in this economy. >> i think you can blame a good piece of it on the economy. even our large donors over the last couple of years, we saw the donations go down. >> reporter: the antique toy and firehouse museum in bay city, michigan gets visitors from all over the country. >> we have horse-drawn, hand drawn and back to the oldest motorize the fire truck that we are aware of in the nation. >> reporter: but attendance is burning out. the owners are keeping it running at their own expense. the former post office in saginaw, michigan looks like a castle and costs a king's ransom to keep it open as a historical museum. >> postal inspector years ago used to open this up and spy on the people sorting the mail in the room below. >> reporter: visitors can still
5:27 am
tie spie on each other but only because taxpayers are helping keep it open. in north carolina, the chapel hill museum could no longer afford to stay open and the fayetteville museum of art closed after 38 years. >> we are getting by. we are hoping for better economic times and looking for ways to generate additional income outside our normal sources. >> reporter: don't is as are harder to come by these days. that means renting out locations for events or charging for exhibits that are normally free. some exhibits are being sold just to keep the doors of the museum open historians say we are not just losing american history, we are losing american culture. they warn if you don't visit soon, you and your kids may never get the chance. >> thank you. we have much more still ahead this morning on fox 5 morning news. >> accusations of election fraud in prince george's
5:28 am
county. why a state senator is blaming some candidates for circulating a fake ballot. i'll have that story coming up after the break. ksgo t
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we have some nice temperature this morning. >> first time since july it is this cool in washington. it feels great. >> friday, we were talking a lot about earl. i guess earl is out of here. but we were also talking about some other systems back behind earl. >> yeah, gaston and now we have a new one. they just keep going. >> nothing to impact us for a while? >> nothing in the next seven to 10 days here in washington. and other than texas, i think it shouldn't be a big deal. we have to keep an eye on it. this is most active time of year. here in washington though, it is just a very nice start to the day. temperatures on the cool side. outside the beltway, in the 50s. 59 out at dulles. 52 in frederick this morning. winchester, 51 degrees. harrisonburg, 48. that is cool! 53 in ocean city. here is the wonderful thing about this time of year. temperatures cool right now but you give it a couple of hours,
5:32 am
it will warm up nicely and we'll have highs back again in the middle 80s. a little warmer than yesterday. satellite-radar, very quiet conditions. there you go. high pressure anchored across the washington area. can you see the clear skies. out to the west, should be a fabulous afternoon with rain and thunderstorm activity staying well to our north and west. so clear skies. i know it has been a little dry t has been about two weeks since we've had any rain around here and we don't have any in the next couple of days. enjoy the sunshine while we've got it. i'm sure the rain will be back. 85 in washington. 86 in fredericksburg. 82 in winchester. >> thank you. let's check in with lauren demarco. how is it looking outs there? >> things look great right now t it is good to hear we'll have clear skies as you head back from the beach and points north and south later today. a lot of folk headed back from the holiday weekend. you want to give yourself plenty of extra time f you leave before 11:00, tass your
5:33 am
best bet for the bay bridge n annapolis, there is a structure fire ongoing. bay ridge drive at georgetown road shut down in both directions and they ask that awe void that area if you can. out there on the roads right now taking a live look at 270, headed all the way down from frederick in toward germantown to rockville to a split. we do have i little bit of volume picking up but everybody is running at speed and your hov restricts are lifted because of the holiday. that is the case on awful our area roadways except for route 50 the john hanson highway. traveling 95, very nice trip from fredericksburg up to springfield. no problems crossing the 14th street bridge into the district if you are traveling 395-6789 also want to mention, if you are taking the red line today between fort totten and glen montreal, your stations are closed. give yourself plenty of extra time. there are shuttle buses set up. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the big story, potential election flawed frawd in prince george's county a little over a
5:34 am
week before the maryland primary, some bogus ballots are circulating that are not only confusing but could be illegal. >> sarah simmons in largo, maryland with the details on this. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the candidates many times do hand out sample ballots before the voters head to the polls. for instance, governor martin o'malley, the democratic party, they handed out pamphlets darking about who they had endorsed this year. there is a similar ballot out there but some of the candidates say it is come letly wrong. angela alsobrooks said she knew something was wrong as soon as the fake ballot aride at her parents house. >> it has me listed as a candidate for state's attorney and as well as a candidate for clerk of the courts. >> reporter: on the official sample ballot, democratic party has endorsed alsobrooks for state's attorney. that is the real ballot on the left. the fake one is on the left. >> the worst part is this is an
5:35 am
illegal document t lists citizens for change. no such entity is registered with the state of maryland. >> reporter: the ballot also claims saturday senator anthony muse endorsed the candidates listed inside. once you flip it open, the fake ballot tells you to vote for his opponent. >> it's felony. it's federal offense, vile aiftion campaign law to have a committee that does not exist. -- violation of campaign law to have a committee that does not exist. gee says he saw the supports handing out the fake ballots during early voting in uke on hill. >> i went to the three candidates worm the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent. you can't carry these. but having potential lawmakers say to me, i don't care if we're breaking the law. we'll carry them for three days and that was basically the response until the police went
5:36 am
out to make the candidates put down the ballots. >> not running for office is frankly one of the types of things that made me decide to leave to begin with. >> reporter: again ivy says the real problem is the current investigation will take much longer than the election so there is really only one way for pin punish those responsible. >> make sure you figure out who is doing this and punish them at the ballot. not only do muse and alsobrooks say citizens for change doesn't exist. they claim there is a phony treasurer and address listed on this as well. now, we have also tried to talk with as well the three different candidates that senator muse accuses of being behind the fake ballot but so far, we have not heard back from them. sarah simmons, back to you. thousands of voters in the district taking advantage of early voting this holiday weekend. four polling centers are opening up again today. more than 3300 voters have
5:37 am
already showed up early to cast early ballots. that was just on saturday. the primary is september 14th in the district. police say two teenaged girls and a young man were shot in a drive-by in northeast washington. one girl is believed to be 16 years old or younger. the man is believed to be in his 20s. this all happened about 7:00 last night at 53rd and clay. police are looking for a silver car involved in the shooting. president obama unveiling yet another move to fix the falling economy this week. the president will visit milwaukee and cleveland. aides confirm the president will propose a permanent extension of a popular tax credit that is a break for business research done in the u.s. also under consideration by the obama white house is an extension of hiring incentives and a payroll tax holiday. >> my reaction is that we always like to see deathbed converses but the fact is if we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple of veers
5:38 am
years years ago, we would be in better shape. >> if looking at the pace of the recovery, we are not shrinking, we are growing. >> aides say the president will ask congress to close corporate tax breaks for multinational corporations and oil and gas companies. ate dramatic rescue under the cover of darkness. seven people including children stranded on the water for nearly a day. coming up next account rescue. we are checking more headlines coming up next. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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three deputies are being hailed as heroes for saving a man from a burning car. this was yesterday morning. deputies arrived just as the flames were growing more intense. they quickly realized the driver's side would not open so they busted out a window on the passenger side and this were able to pull the man out. he suffered burns but he is expected to make a full recovery. a dramatic rescue off the coast of south carolina where seven people were saved after being stranded on the water for nearly a day. the coast guard found them in the dark and they captured some of it on camera. officials say the boat as a result started sinking on saturday. the boat owner's wife contact the authorities when the boat did not return home at the expected time. it was a scary scene at a
5:42 am
family cookout in the city of brotherly love. a deck collapses saturday night as family was having a holiday party. eight people were injured including a baby. the cause is still under investigation. officials expect it may have been because of age of the structure. he shocked the world when he interrupted taylor swift during his video music acceptance cheech and now kanye west is apologizing again. open the weekend, he said his career has suffered because of the incident. he says he has written a song for swipt swift that he hopes she will perform. if she doesn't, they be he hopes to perform it for her. a fisherman reels in a dangerous catch a type of piranha that is usually found in south america. we'll get another check on your morning commute for you. should be pretty light for you because of the holiday. and tucker has a nice-looking forecast for us when we come back.
5:43 am
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south we are back on a beautiful upon morning. it is labor day and there is a live look outside this morning. temperature, 63-degree here in the city. down in florida, it was a rather unlikely catch. a fisherman reeled in a 15-inch red bellied piranha this weekend p. they are usually found in south america.
5:46 am
the fish even bit the man's finger twice after the man reeled him in. he hopes to get the word out to his neighbors on stay out of the water until fish and wildlife respond. >> he had the last laugh. >> we have sharks in the potomac and piranhas in florida. >> the snakeheads. those are ugly. >> a beautiful start to our day. >> temperatures back in the 40s in a couple of spots. going to be another glorious afternoon. highs expected to be back in the 80s later this afternoon. yesterday, minute of us didn't get out of the 70s. let's get to it. we are looking at perfect conditions out there. 63 at reagan national. we are talking about 50s off to the north an west. places liked from rick are 52. manassas is 54 at this hour.
5:47 am
good morning to you. you are 54 in fredericksburg places like frederick are 52. out at dulles, we are 59. look how nice the beaches are. from southern fiewg down to the carolinas, we are looking at clear skies. another great day to be down at the beaches. temperatures generally in the 70s down at the beaches. our trend the next couple of days will be to warm up temperatures. mid-80s today and then we'll be getting close to 90 by tuesday and wednesday. here is a look at the surface features. if you have been thinking it is dry lately, it sure enough has. we'll continue the streak spot next couple of days. high pressure will pass to the east there underneath the sunshine and with our winds out of the south here, we'll start to warm up. but nice couple of days.
5:48 am
lots of sunshine, get out and enjoy it. a little warmer than yesterday. 58 your afternoon high. wind out of the south at about five miles per hour. later tonight, a few clouds out there. not quite as cool as it is this morning. overnight lows, generally mid- 60s in town. low 60s outside the beltway. our wind will have shifted out of the south at five to 10. and the five-day forecast, there you go, nice couple of days. 88 tomorrow. about 90 on wednesday. that will be the hot day for the week. and then we'll start a gradual cooldown back into the low 80s for thursday and friday. you can see we are dry the next five days. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and lauren demarco has the latest for you. >> thank you. thing dos look very good out there because of the slight lite volume due to the holiday. 95 and the bw parkway running well w we do have a couple of accidents to report starting off on the american legion bridge as you head on the inner loop from virginia into montgomery county. can you see the accident activity there in the center of your screen. that is to the left of the bridge. of course, not having too much of an impact on traffic because of the light volume but
5:49 am
something to watch out for there. the outer loop headed into virginia looks great. all of your lanes are open. 95 in virginia, we've also got an accident reported south of lorton approaching route one here in woodbridge. same kind of story not really causing much of an impact as far as slowing down traffic but you want to watch out for that as you head south. northbound, things look good. you have the hov lanes pointed north and your restrictions are lifted on all of our area highways highways except for the john hanson highway. in the district, all of your reversible roads are carrying two-way traffic. some major changes on red line. five stayings are closed over the weekend and service will not resume until 5:00 tomorrow morning. metro will offer efreeh shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont.
5:50 am
preseason is over. now, the redskin set their sight on the dallas cowboys. will albert haynesworth even be in the starting line-up or has the coaching staff reached its breaking point? sports is coming up next.  >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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[ thinking ] if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it -- spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $258 a month. soy the red scinsz' 53-man
5:53 am
roster set and dallas week has begun. several sewers say coach mike shanahan is confident that donovan macnab will start. the situation with albert haynesworth, he may not be in the starting line-up. according to this report, mike shanahan has lost his patience and during practice saturday, haps worth took part in only a few plays. coach shanahan is not yet commenting on the matter. final cuts over the weekend. biggest named release running back willie parker. wide receiver terrence austin who dave ross said would make the team for sure also was released. led the offense in the prosent in receiving. only two of the redskins four draft picks made the final roster. coach shanahan talked about that. >> you got to do what you think is best for your football team. worst thing people do is keeping the draft pick just to keep a draft pick. you keep the people that give you the best chance to win p and if you get 50% of your
5:54 am
draft choices that make the football team, you had a heck of a draft. >> all right. to college football now and a big game today for two in-state rivals. trpz will mace navy in baltimore. this is the 21st all-time meeting between the two teams but first since 2005. the midshipmen hold a 14-# lead in the match-up. the nationals got a little get of good news. stephen strasburg had successful injury. >> could the injury have been presuperintendented. dave ross and wisdom martin now go off the wall. >> welcome once again to off the wall. dave ross, wisdom martin. what do we have in store? >> we are talking about baseball. let's talk about what happened with the nationals. niger morgan and that whole incident with the pitcher who was flowing fast balls at his teammates. so niger got mad. so he responded by going after
5:55 am
the pitcher. i ask you, dave ross, is this a dirty move or is it just hard core baseball play something. >> he is playing hard but it might be slightly dirty, my friend. >> oh, dave. >> there are unwritten rules in baseball as you know. one of them is you don't take out the catcher and break his shoulder like he did the game before. you have to know that you are going to get hit the next day. that is just part of the unwritten rules. the problem i have, let's write them down so they're not unwritten anymore. >> how about making a rule saying if you throw a 100-mile an hour fast ball at somebody, you get kicked out of the game. it is ridiculous that baseball lets this happen. if you throw a 100-mile an hour fast ball at me, i'm bringing the pain, baby. kick them out if they throw that ball. >> you would be out at that point if you came after me. >> i think he is playing hard but i do think it was a little bit bush league what he did. >> play hard, go get 'em. let's talk about something else. a couple of week ago, we had some discussion about whether
5:56 am
we should shut down strasburg and obviously i was right because if they had shut him down when i said, he wouldn't be hurting. >> i feel like i'm with a politician. have you ever been wrong? >> of course not. i ask you, dave ross, was this a freak thing or should she have shut him down a while ago? >> i don't know if it was preventible. i think when your arm goes, your arm goes. i do think they should have shut him down a little bit earlier. they didn't. it want a fluke because the guy has been pitching forever. yes, they should have shut him down. at some point, your arm is going to go, it is going to go. go through the next next 12 to 18 months of hell. >> if they had shut him down, this youry probably would not have happened. >> so you're i adoctor now. wisdom martin is telling you he would have been fine. >> it would have been fine. he would have been at home
5:57 am
sitting on ice. >> i know you like too sit at home on ice. >> i do like to sit at home on ice because i'm cool. >> i say it is something they could not have prevented. it was going to happen eventually. contract martin disagrees. >> i am a doctor. >> go to and tell him why you disagree. i'm feeling fine. what is my temperature, doc? >> two degrees. >> see you next week. >> can you hear more of wisdom and dave's discussion on our web site, just click on the off the wall page. >> straight ahead now at #:00, security being stepped up nationwide ahead of the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. we'll talk more about that after the break. we'll check out your morning commute for you and taken a look at weather when fox 5 morning news comes back. c
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